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The centrepiece of Ottawa's Abilities Centre will be the Field House, comprising

  • three full-sized basketball courts (one converts to an indoor soccer pitch)
  • a 200-metre six-lane track for training, rehabilitation and national/international competitive events.​

The Field House will be surrounded by

  • exercise rooms with universally accessible cardio/fitness and weight-training equipment
  • fully accessible locker rooms, shower rooms and bathrooms
  • life skills training rooms equipped with kitchens and bathrooms designed to facilitate recovery from debilitating illness or accident and to regain independence
  • a theatre
  • music and art spaces to support the Centre's recreational and leisure programs (spaces that could also be rented to other community groups when needed)
  • a therapeutic pool
  • 15,000 square feet of commercial rental space specifically designed to accommodate sport organizations (for athletes and Para-athletes), which will benefit from economies of scale, shared infrastructure costs and coordinated services and programs.​

​Equipped in these ways, the Abilities Centre Ottawa will, in addition to fulfilling its primary role as an inclusive and accessible recreational facility, serve Ottawa as a

  • designated 'emergency preparedness centre' uniquely equipped to provide care and support to all persons with and without disabilities at times of major catastrophe (flood, power outage, toxic spill, ice storm, security threat, etc.)
  • site for local, regional, provincial, national or international competitions
  • resource to Ottawa's health services professionals pursuing innovative research into recreation and its established and potential role in healthy living and rehabilitation
  • facility space that can be rented for large events