Programs and Services

ParaSport Education/Awareness Programing

The Abilities Centre Ottawa offers ParaSport Education Outreach Programming to schools and the community in the National Capital Region and beyond (Renfrew, Pembroke, Kemtpville, Cornwall).

This is a full-day experiential learning opportunity for students and staff alike to gain a better understanding of parasport.  Through an initial introductory presentation, student gain knowledge about the importance of physical activity for all, they get an opportunity to meet local para athletes and they get a hands-on experience as they jump into parasport equipment and try the sports for themselves.  This program also offers teachers an opportunity to gain a better understanding of how they can adapt and modify their own class curriculum to meet the needs of students with a disability.

Examples of some of the sports are:  Wheelchair Basketball, Wheelchair Curling, Boccia, Goal Ball, Sledge Hockey, Cross-Country Sit Skiing and Beep Baseball.

Since January of 2018, ACO has provided parasport education opportunities to 41 schools and organizations and reached 6,405 students, educators and community members.

If you are interested in booking a ParaSport Education opportunity for your school, your business and/or community program, please contact us at

You, Me, We Virtually (Summer & Together)

You Me We Virtually Together is a program that focuses on connecting children and youth across Ontario hospitals, Children Treatment Centre’s and community partners in a virtual setting. We have engaged children, families and professionals to help build a healthier and happier Ontario! Throughout the program participants engage in social games and physical activities to increase overall health and wellbeing. Participants develop physical literacy skills, create friendships across Ontario and most importantly…HAVE FUN!


  1. To increase physical activity levels for children and youth
  2. To encourage and explore social interaction skills to promote well-being and healthy relationships
  3. To connect children, youth and Health Care Professionals from across Ontario
  4. To support regular and frequent participation in programming in both a virtual and in-person environment,
  5. Focussing on supporting mental health during the COVID pandemic.


Stay Tuned for more Information on upcoming programs that will help support our community during these challenging times!

The ACO Facility

The centerpiece of Ottawa's Abilities Centre will be the Field House.